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Marisa Behnke is currently in Business Development as a Sales Representative for Ticor Title Company. When she joined Ticor Title in 2002 she was no stranger to the real estate industry. With over 20 years of experience in escrow and title sales, Marisa is known for her depth of knowledge in the field, her innovative ideas for farming and marketing, and her consistency in providing the most up-to-date resources, technology, and tools to see that her clients succeed.

Marisa consistently offers classes and training in the most current trends and issues concerning the real estate market, she also makes a point to always be educating herself to better serve those she works with. Serving real estate agents, escrow officers, and mortgage lenders in Southern California she is dedicated to building long term business relationships. She is committed to the professionalism and attention to superb service that her clients expect. Her motto is “The service you desire, the results you require.” Proactively identifying and resolving problems before they occur helps all her transaction close smoothly and on time.

Marisa was born and raised in Downey Ca. and has resided with her husband of 36 years in Orange County. She has had the joy and pleasure of watching their 2 girls Jonisa and Alisa Rose grow into beautiful productive women. With 2 grandchildren Christian and Giavanna life in the Behnke household is filled with many blessings. With the backing of Ticor Title’s award winning service and staff Marisa’s nature to go above and beyond to meet her client’s needs, it is easy to see how she has built such a rapport and respect within her community.



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Marisa Behnke
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